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December - 2009
  • "Kidney Transplantation - Before & Afterwards - Patient Information Booklet in Kannada"
    By L. Shilpa, Apollo Hospital, Staff Nurse, Chennai.

  • "Care Plan - Kidney Transplant Recipient"
    By Anjali Rawat, Sir Gangaram Hospital, Staff Nurse, Delhi.

  • "Organ Donation Awareness Posters"
    By V. Narendra, Global Hospitals, Transplant Coordinator, Chennai.

  • "Role of Transplant Coordinator"
    By R. Veena, MOHAN Foundation, Transplant Coordinator, Chennai.

  • "A Study on Organ Donation among Nurses"
    By U.Uthaya Priya, MOHAN Foundation, Transplant Coordinator, Hyderabad.

  • "Organ Donation Awareness in Tamil"
    By K.Suvitha, Stanley Hospital, Transplant Coordinator, Chennai.

  • "A Study on Awareness Level of Brain Death among Medical Students, Nursing and Paramedical Staff "
    By M.Subha, Stanley Hospital, Transplant Coordinator, Chennai.

  • "Deceased Organ Donors - Case Studies"
    By D.Keranal, Apollo Hospital, Staff Nurse, Chennai.

  • "FAQs - Patients with Liver Disease & After Transplant"
    By Niveditha Shankaran, Apollo Hospital, Staff Nurse, Chennai.

  • "The Transplantation of Human Organs Act-Forms; Fundraising from Chief Minister’s & Prime Minister’s Fund in India for Renal Transplantation"
    By Velanganni Sutha.A, Apollo Hospital, Staff Nurse, Chennai.

June - 2010
  • "Pre and Post-Operative Orders for Cadaveric Liver Transplant Recipient"
    By A. Shamen Margret, Apollo Hospitals, Staff Nurse, Chennai.

  • "Evaluation and Management of Liver Donor"
    By S. Sheela Gandhi, Apollo Hospitals, Staff Nurse, Chennai.

  • "Translation of Public Education Materials into Gujarat (Donor Card, Life… Pass it on…, FAQs - Patients with Liver Disease & After Transplant, Kidney Transplantation - A Guide)"
    By Smita Chakravarti, Apollo Hospitals, Medical Social Worker & Transplant Coordinator, Ahamedabad.

  • "Assessment of Awareness Levels on Organ Donation & Transplantation"
    By D. Usha Rani, Rane Madras Ltd, Factory Medical Officer, Chennai.

  • "Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Practices in Organ Donation in Muslim Countries"
    By Dr. S. Bhanu Chandra, MOHAN Foundation - Intern, Hospital Management, Hyderabad

  • "3III - Impacting, Imparting, Implementing"
    By Dr. Sreenivas Tammichetti, MOHAN Foundation - Intern, Hospital Management,Hyderabad.

  • "Heart Transplantation"
    By K. V. Nagendra Rao, Frontier Life Line Hospital, Cardiac Cath Lab Technician, Chennai.

  • "Survey on Organ Donation in Trivandrum Medical College, Kerala"
    By G. Sujith, Trivandrum Medical College, Confidential Assistant - Nephrology Dept, Kerala.

  • "The Transplantation of Human Organs Act Forms; Transportation of Human Organs"
    By L. Sathish, Fortis Malar Hospital, Coordinator, Chennai.

  • "A Study on Knowledge, Awareness and Attitude about Organ Donation among the Residents of Vellore"
    By Babu, MM Federation, CMC, Supervisor, Vellore.

  • "Organ Donation Awareness Posters"
    By Pavithra, Madras Medical Mission, Student - Dept.Of Medical Sociology, Chennai.

  • "A Guide to Recipient Transplant Coordination in Indian Scenario at a Tertiary Care Hospital"
    By Priya Jebakaran, Frontier Life Line Hospital, Clinical & Transplant Coordinator, Chennai.

  • "Logistics in Organ Donation - Problems & Solutions"
    By J.D. Christopher Asir, MOHAN Foundation, Transplant Coordinator, Chennai.

  • "You Can Live Long, Even After Death - Organ Donation Awareness Presentation"
    By K.R. Raja, MOHAN Foundation, Social Worker, Chennai.

  • "FAQs - Living Kidney Donor & Living Liver Donor"
    By Vriti Kalra, Apollo Hospitals, Transplant Coordinator, Delhi.

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